Monday, May 12, 2014

Free Samper Design from Olde Willow Stitchery, Inc.

Hi Stitchers,

It has been awhile since I provided a free design, so I have decided to share this small sampler design if stitched over 2 and sampler pocket if stitched over 1 ground linen thread.  Please choose 3 colors of your liking.  Originally this design had Olde Willow Threads and I no longer dye threads.  The design calls for 3 colors of your choosing (I used a teal color,  light brown, brown.)   You are welcome to share with other stitchers, but this should not be kitted without permission from me.

If you choose to do the pocket then stitch over one ground linen thread with one-ply of thread.  If you are doing the sampler, stitch the sampler design over two.  I am sorry the picture isn't clearer, but I had to scan it from a previous picture.  Finishing instructions included for sampler pocket.  It used Lakeside Linens 28 ct. "Mocha".

Here is the link (You may need to paste this into your  browser for it to work if it won't work when you click on the link):

 Enjoy your week.


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Martha said...

This isn't about your post. I am looking for a discontinued Olde Willow thread - Weeping Willow 072. Is there an online site where I might purchast it or is there a DMC conversion for it?