Thursday, July 16, 2015

I just designed a small design for the Lone Elm Lane 8" shaker box, "Robin's Egg Blue".    I love these shaker boxes!  The design does not include any finishing instructions, but I do have a name of a finisher that can finish the sweet box for you--just email me.  Who knows, you may decide to finish it yourself.  The design will be available soon.  Just contact me if you are interested in this design at

The design is called "Robin's Nest".  The linen and plaid wool is Weeks Dye Works.

I found such a beautiful verse to add to the design by J. M. Barrie.  The verse begins on the top of the shaker box and continues on in the interior band.
                                     The reason birds can fly...
                                      and we can't is simply because they have a perfect faith,
                                      for to have faith is to have wings...

Here are some pics:

                                                                    Shaker Box Lid
Interior Band of Shaker Box
Room for a small pair of scissors.

                                                              Needlebook Exterior

                                                                  Needlebook Interior